Father’s Day Affects Wanna-Be Dads Too

Mother’s Day can be one of the most difficult times of of the year for women experiencing infertility. Luckily there is a lot of advice and support for women longing for a child on what can be an emotionally draining day. But wanna-be-dads need support too, especially on Father’s Day. They may not express emotions Read More

#BlotnerBaby: Heather’s Story

I was diagnosed at 19 with PCOS. When I was 24, my husband and I decided to attempt to conceive. During the first year of trying, I conceived rather quickly, but had two early miscarriages. We attempted to conceive for another year without medical intervention and without success. After two years of trying on our own, I went to Read More

#BlotnerBabies: The Rubin Family

Aaryn Rubin has been a patient of Dr. Blotner since 2006, having met his daughter while she was in graduate school in NYC. She started seeing Dr. Blotner before her marriage because she had irregular periods and knew she probably would need medical intervention in order to pregnant. An Orthodox Jewish woman, Aaryn wanted to Read More

#BlotnerBaby: Harper

Ponoma residents Allie Thornton and her husband were trying unsuccessfully to have a baby for three years before they made an appointment with Dr. Blotner. They were referred by Dr. Learner from White Plains Hospital. Dr. Blotner discovered Allie’s fallopian tubes were blocked. After four rounds of intrauterine inseminations with Clomid, the couple’s first IVF Read More

#BlotnerBaby: Rachel

Georgeianna was trying to have a baby for over a year before she found Dr. Blotner and Westchester Fertility during an Internet search. Like a certain percentage of infertility, Georgeianna and her husband were diagnosed without a diagnosis, • Community where you live: Bronx, NY • What was your infertility diagnosis? Unexplained  • What type of treatment Read More